Darmini Roza

Tinjauan tentang Pemberlakuan Undang-Undang Desa Di Sumatera Barat

Minggu, 24 Juli 2016 - 23:19:41 WIB

Law Reform: Jurnal Ilmiah Hukum & Pembangunan

Volume IV No. 2, Februari 2015



Tinjauan tentang Pemberlakuan Undang-Undang Desa di Sumatera Barat




Darmini Roza

Dosen Tetap Fakultas Hukum Universitas Ekasakti Padang

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Enforcement of the law on the village responded with a variety of communities. Governments, obserbers and legal experts in West Sumatra Rural Law states much better and is very beneficial if the village / Nagari ready in fulfilling both systemnya and management keuangannya professional and proportionate manner. However LKAAM West Sumatra and LBH precisely dubious government policies shaping the village Act. They stated that the indigenous Minangkabau are part of the diversity of the Indonesian nation must be defended and preserved and respected by the state. With the enactment of Law stakeholder’s village in West Sumatra need to sit together to find solutions to all the policies that accommodates the government’s policy objectives to keep watching local content in West Sumatra


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